Mattresses suitable for lifetime furniture


• The cotton/polyester cover is quilted to luxurious polyester fibre for a long lasting soft feel.
• A four inch thick high-density, polyurethane foam core provides firm support.
• 1 1/2 inch thick convoluted foam layers are bonded with water based adhesives to the top and bottom of the core for comfort. 8" thick.

9439M Twin, regular length 38W x 74L $279
9439MX Twin, extra-long 38W x 79L $299
9454M Double, regular length 53W x 74L $389

9454MX Double, extra-long 53W x 79L $419
9460M Queen size 60W x 79L $469
9478M King size 76W x 79L $609


• Covered with HealthCare vinyl, a washable hospital grade material that will protect your investment and stay supple and comfortable for years.
• The same high quality construction as Premier mattresses. 7" thick.

9439MV Twin, regular length 38W x 74L $279
9439MVX Twin, extra-long 38W x 79L $299
9454MV Double, regular length 53W x 74L $389
9454MVX Double, extra-long 53W x 79L $419

Cleaning instructions

Crate Designs backs Premier and HealthCare mattresses with a 10 year pro-rated * warranty against manufacturing defects.
* Pro-rated: Free repair of any defects in material or workmanship in the first year. Percentage of use charges will be applied after the first year. 
For example: A mattress problem that requires servicing, on a 10 year warranty, after 3 years will be charged at 30% of the list price. 3 years of 10 years = 30%.  For sanitary reasons, mattresses are not returnable.

Trundle Mattresses

Trundle mattresses are built with 4” thick, polyurethane foam. They are designed for occasional use only and carry no warranty.

In order to fit under Crate Designs’ beds, Trundle Beds are smaller than a regular twin-size bed. Regular size mattresses will not fit.

9004M Twin, regular length 38W x 72L $139
9004MX Twin, extra-long 38W x 76L $149

9054M Double, regular length 53W x 72L $169
9054MX Double, extra-long 53W x 76L $189

Finding the right mattress to suit your needs is very important. At Crate Designs Furniture, we offer a wide variety of selections. Whether you are interested in a trundle mattress, a quilted mattress, or an extra-long twin mattress, we have the perfect options for you. These high-quality creations are made with a 4” thick polyurethane foam core to provide you with the firm support that you need. For your peace of mind, our Premier and HealthCare mattresses come with a 10-year warranty against manufacturer defects.

We only offer mattresses that are built to last. When you place an order for a trundle mattress or an extra-long twin mattress, you can feel confident that you are making a good investment. Our HealthCare Mattresses are even covered with a washable hospital grade material that will keep the mattress comfy and pliant for many years. Additionally, you can select a quilted mattress that has an extravagant polyester cover that is sure to remain nice and soft.

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